Sunday, February 12, 2012

ER trip on a sat night anyone?!

oh vey! Nothing like an ER trip on a saturday night to end the weekend! ;( After putting Ella to sleep last night I noticed it seemed like she was breathing a little "louder" than normal and I could physically see her chest going up and down which is also not typical for her. Normally I have to go over to her at night and put my ear by mouth to hear and feel her chest. So i watched it closely until brady got home from work and after him telling me I was not crazy we decided it best to just give CHLA a call. The on call doc asked how she looked, was acting, eating, fever, abnormal activity, everything was fine other than what seemed like occational loud breathing. But considering Ella just had open heart suregery and she did have chest tubes in for a bit they wanted to make sure there was no infusion, and that her lungs looked ok so they suggested we go in to the ER and get a chest Xray. So we pack her up sound asleep and take her to the only hosptial that we thought could remotely help us, Sierra Vista. The hospital was dead and when you walk in with a 5 month old baby saying she has a heart condition they get you in pretty fast, so that was nice. But damn are we spoiled at CHLA! the ER here is nasty, dirty, scary! I didnt even want to put her carseat on the floor in there! Anyways they checked her out once again in complete AWE and shock of her condition. I mean jaws on the floor. They looked at us like we were crazy and then proceeded to ask us how it seemed we were in such good spirits! haha this is nothing! lol anyways after ALOT of talking and explaning and a chest x ray, they came back and said everything looked great, no fluid, lungs sound great, sats were always great, no fever and of couse Ella's breathing was fine by then. Ella was great the whole time, smiles, laughing sitting quitely through her chest x ray. ( its her normal too! )So after alot of waiting and i think alot of nerves on their part as far as discharging us. They finally let us go home around 5:30 this morning. We got home just in time for Ella to decide it was time to be up for the day. So I called my mom and she came over to watch Ella for us so we could try and get some rest before Brady had to head to work. But as soon as we climb into bed my phone rings, its the ER dr saying that they went back over the chest X ray and did see some fluid around the lungs and they thought she might have an infection in her right lung, which of course could lead to pneumonia. ;( FUN! so they asked us to call CHLA and have them call Sierra vista to go over the results. We talked to our Cardio at CHLA and before him even talking to the ER doc at Sierra he said how is she acting? perfect. normal Ella. He says he does not think anything is wrong and that he does not believe she has pneumonia, and this coming from a usualy pretty cautious cardio. He said she is showing no signs of pneumonia and after talking to the ER doc said there is definatly no pneumonia as they compared last nights chest x rays to the one they took last month and its identical......Our cardio actually said that coming from one dr to another he had no clue what the concern was. So that is that, we are going keep an eye on her this week and get in with our cardio here this week as well. We will be heading back to CHLA on feb 28th for a re check which was already on the books before this. My thoughts were that since she just started eating recently and sometimes she gets so excited to eat she drinks super fast and chokes a little and possibly that got into her lungs?!?!? but they do not think that is the case. Anyways now Brady is at work and we are both running off of maybe an hour of sleep. Hoping she does better tonight, cause this paranoid momma will not sleep one bit even if no one else seems concerned! and all though im currently not concerned the night always seems worse...;( Still waiting for the "post Glenn feeling of a bit more normalcy" part to kick in. Im still on damn pins and needles it seems!

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