Friday, November 1, 2013

Tipping point,

I despise the saying when it rains it pours. Sick baby. Took her into the ER last night when she woke up with all most no voice, and a cough that too me sounded like RSV and sats in the high 60's. Just two hours before when we put her to bed she was fine! We did not trick or treat or take her to swim yesterday cause she had a slight fever the day before but otherwise no symptoms. Took her into the ER at around midnight. I HATE our local hospital ER. There is absolutely nothing like a children's Hospital. I love CHLA. Here the ER is dirty, I mean pea tree dish dirty. I want to burn my shoes that I wore. Plus the drs and nurses treat me like I am just some young naive girl who has no clue what my babies saturation should be and precedes to tell me that if she has RSV they would do nothing differently so there is no need to test her!?!? EXCUSE ME??? At that point I put my foot down and said umm, if my daughter has RSV we will be on the road to CHLA before you get a chance to discharge us. His response is " we will do a test then"( clearly annoyed with me) and darts out of the room without another word. Did I mention how much I miss CHLA? Oh and lets not forget to mention our RN comes in with a mask on telling us all how sick he is and then coughing right at me ( yes he was wearing a mask but turn your head or please DON'T come to work in an ER sick) As we wait two extremely drunk underage kids come in and proceed to throw up for an hour in our shared not so private bathroom. That was lovely to listen to laying there with my sick baby for. Just when I thought things could not get worse dispatch calls and says they have a trauma coming in, what you ask...a multiple gun shot wound.  We do not live in a large town, this is not a typical night in the ER, gun shot wounds that is. They finally come in do her X ray, do an RVS swab and notify us that her RSV swab came back negative ( best part of the night) The Dr comes in says she might have a slight ear infection and that he is going to put her on amoxicillian.......really!? I had JUST got done telling them her medication list. She has been on amox twice daily since she was born! He says " oh right, okay well continue that"- ( yes thank you, cause if you said otherwise we might have stopped it????) Why must we be so far from CHLA!?!?  Discharged, with no answer home by 4am. Ella up at 6, Brady off to work at 8 and now here we are. Tired, worried, annoyed, sick and oh did I forget to mention Ella broke my phone yesterday? Yes I am having a full blown pity party for myself right now. I try to stay positive most of the time ( try being the key word) but I need a pause button. I am still trying to get used to this damn diabetes crap and that alone is making me a grouch and this is just adding fuel to my already large fire. Rant over, for now. Happy Halloween!