Thursday, September 15, 2011

calling all angels...

I write this as I lay in my hospital bed just less than an hour before my not even two day old baby girl heads into her first open heart surgery. Im so scared and im laying here feeling so incredibly helpless. This is not write that I am here and not there with her,holding her hand and telling her everythings going to be alright. Although im so happy her daddy is with her right now and so happy that I have the most amazing family ever who snuck me out if this joint last night and took me to see my baby. I was able to hold her for the first time last night. It was the most amazing moment of my entire life. My heart is so torn right now. I know she is doing so well and we are so blessed for that but the same time I so incredibly. Sad that they wont allow me to be there. My heart aches for her. Please god I need my baby to pull through this. I want to get out of this hospital tomorrow morning and be able to run over to hers andjust hold her hand and kiss her head. I thank you all for your amazing support and love you have been pouring over us especially the last couple of days. I will get back to you all eventually. Please please continue to pray for our baby today. I am forever greatful to each and everyone of you. We will keep all posted as soon as possible. They anticipate us being notified by one. Sorry this is a short post and that I have not filled you all in on the past few days since her birth, I do plan on it. In the mean time my sister Ashley has started a wonderful blog and is keeping all posted much better than me. Plus she is a beautiful writer. So feel free to friend her. Her name is Ashley moses and I forget her blog name but it is posted to her facebook. Thankyou all again from the bottom of my heart. We are so lucky to have you, each and everyone of you.


  1. You are doing a great job hanging in there !!! I prayed last night that you got to hold Ella and you did. So don't worry I got the prayers covered !! Love, Debbie

  2. Praying for Ella to come out of that OR with her dukes up...she will be a fighter!! You will all be in my thoughts all day Melissa! Heart Hugs!!! Jennifer (Mom to Brooklyn, 3 months old, HLHS)